"You know what marketing, particularly Internet marketing is like? It’s like teenage sex. Everyone says they’re doing it. Not many are. And most that do, do it very badly” – Drayton Bird

The quote above is from a friend and mentor - and a person you’ve likely never heard of. He’s one of the most successful marketers of our time and has helped his clients make billions over the last five decades.

And his quote is the absolute truth. The marketing industry in this country is a joke. In fact, 9 out of 10 conversations I have with law firms looking for help are the direct result of prior engagements they had with “make-believe-marketing-companies”, consultants and "gurus" that talk a good game, promise the world, but deliver nothing.

If you are a solo, or a partner in a firm, you’ve likely had this experience before – perhaps numerous times. Or, you are pestered constantly by sales people.

Let’s face it, you’re an attorney and marketers think you have an unlimited checkbook. You have a bulls-eye on your back and every Tom, Dick and Harry is calling or e-mailing you in an effort to convince you into dropping a month’s worth of revenue, or more, on their marketing or advertising services.

How To Stop This Nonsense

It’s really very simple. When these companies call or e-mail you, ask them to put their money-where their-mouth is. Ask them if there product or service will do these two things:

  1. Will their product, service or business advice put you on pace to double your yearly revenue in less than 16 months; and,

  2. Will they back it with a 100% money back guarantee - with a minimum return of 10x on investment.

Just ask those two questions.....and they will not bother you again.

Why We Are Different

  1. If we work for you, you will double your revenue....and we guarantee it

  2. We offer a full 100% guarantee with a 10x minimum Return On Investment.

And we also do this for our clients....

We will never again allow you to make a mistake in your marketing efforts - or in managing your business - where you waste large chunks of revenue on useless products or services.

What Can We Do For You?

In plain, simple language....we make your dreams come true - just like this:

  • A young attorney, just out of law school, soars to over six-figures in revenue in less than 12 months.

  • A three-person law firm with one office goes from $274k a year to 7 seven figures in 14 months - and opens 3 new offices in the same time period with 3 three more planned.

  • A successful law firm that’s been in business for five decades, increases its revenue by 31% and opens two new offices….in a area of the county that has suffered more than most in this down economy.

  • A law firm that now dominates an entire state, moved into two other large cities in other states, and derives 70% of its revenue from the Internet.

  • A NYC firm cut their marketing expenses in half, dominates the Internet for their practice area, and increased yearly revenue by almost $500,000.

If you’d like to do exactly the same, call us at 859 816 3344.

There will not be any sales B.S. or games on this call. We’ll talk about your practice, your goals, what your competitors are doing....and of course answer your questions.

It’s completely up to you. If you want to significantly increase your revenue then call us at 859 816 3344 - or e-mail us at tom (at) the-attorneys-atm.com.

If you do nothing, we promise you this - you'll continue to waste money on ineffective marketing and advertising....or just as worse, get yourself locked into an expensive, long-term partnership that delivers nothing.


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A Very Expensive Lesson

by admin on January 26, 2012

I know….it’s been a long time since I posted. Twelve to 14 hour days and weekends too don’t leave me a lot of time.

Over the last 5 weeks, of the many calls I’ve taken from law firms, three stood out. All three had the same story. They were sold a pipe-dream in regards to Internet Marketing services.

All three left the companies they were doing business with. All three were not hitting a home run with their websites, but they were doing okay. They each had received a call from a very talented sales person that talked a good game.

And all three signed up for this company’s “Super Duper Platinum Level Service” to the tune of $20k a year.

All three law firms saw their websites disappear on the search engines….along with a lot of money. Sorry to say, this company (they are in Florida) did some of the poorest work I’ve seen in a decade – and had the stones to charge $20k for it.

Here’s what I’d recommend you do the next time a slick-talking, promise-you-riches, sales person calls…..

Ask them to prove it.

First, ask them what is the expected rate of return? If it’s an attractive number, say 5 times return on investment, do this:

Get the names and numbers of other law firms they have as clients and call them. Ask pointed questions. Ask what the time frame was before they started to see decent returns.

The bottom line is this; save yourself a lot of aggravation and wasted money. If you get a phone call from a pro….make them prove what they say before you invest a dime.

P.S. All three of the law firms have retained us to help right the ship.


In 2008, a new law school grad by the name of Josh Williams hit the road and accepted a job at one of the largest firms in Minneapolis. Within a year, he knew “Big Law” was not for him and made the decision to go solo.

This decision was extremely risky. He was such a “new” attorney and had a very limited network to leverage. To top it all off, he had just recently been married. It’s likely he spent many sleepless nights wondering how the hell he was going to pull this off.

Prior to opening his doors, he did two incredibly smart things – perhaps even brilliant – and that too few attorneys do when they go solo:

  1. He researched law office technology so he new exactly what to put to use that would allow him to practice law and not be bogged down by the mundane tasks associated with running a law firm.
  2. Since he had no network to leverage (yet), he had to find clients. It’s basic Business 101 that no clients equal no revenue. So he researched the the most cost effective marketing in existence – online marketing.

The result of his research, and then implementing the most effective small firm technology and marketing strategies, allowed him to net $100,000…..in his first year as a solo. I know this because he took the time to call and thank me for my help.

As time passes by, and Josh continues to utilize the technology in place, expand his online marketing and leverages his growing network, he’ll be on pace to double his revenue yearly over the next couple of years. And he’ll soon be at a point where if he wishes, he’ll have to hire other attorneys, which at the end of the day will increase his revenue even more.

Josh now wants to share how he did it – how a new attorney venturing out on their own, and even veteran attorneys, can work less while increasing revenue. And that should appeal to all.

He’s put all of his thoughts down on paper and is making it available three ways.

  1. Approximately half of the material is available online for free at www.lawyer2point0.com
  2. The complete volume is available for purchase in PDF format here for $20.
  3. In paperback, it’s available here

If it was me, I’d pick up the PDF because you can click on the links to the resources he uses – makes it heck of a lot easier to use the info he provides.

And it might be the best $20 you’ve spent in a long time…even if you only use one of his ideas and it saves you 25 hours a year, you’re way ahead of the game.


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