How To Get On The First Page Of Google in 2009….For Free (Part I)

by admin on December 21, 2008

Sometime in June, I ran across this post – LA Dog Bite Lawyers in Cat Fight over Maps on Mike Blumenthals Blog (a great blog by the way). In that post Mike details an e-mail conversation he had with a PI Attorney in LA that had a few issues with his Google Local Business Listings.

It seems this attorney had paid an Internet Marketing firm a significant amount of money ($10,000) to have his firm show up prominently in the Google 10-Pack for search terms related to Los Angeles related PI search terms. And the firm he hired engaged in “Map/Business Listing Spam” – and for that, Google banned all of this listings.

I’ve been experimenting and testing Google Local Business listings for more than a year now (nowhere near what Mike does though) and without a doubt, the Google 10- Pack might be one of the Top 3 Internet Marketing moves any law firm can do.

You’ve probably seen the 10-Pack before. If you need a refresher, here it is.

When you do a search for almost anything on Google, and use a geographical location as part of what you type in, Google will provide a map and up to 10 business listings related to your search….at the very top of the page. Like this search for “cincinnati car accident lawyer” -

This is perhaps some of the most valuable Real Estate on Google….and if your business is not listed….you’d better look into it.

And did I mention….it’s FREE.

It’s no secret that the businesses that get the most clicks are those listed on the first page of Google – and the higher the result, the more clicks you get.

What Google has done here is to give small businesses the chance to compete with the big-boys for position. As long as you serve the area that the search term is focused on, you have the chance to show up in the local 10-pack.

What’s that worth to an Attorney?

Well, the attorney in California that had his listings banned saw an immediate drop in business of 30%.

Obviously, the monetary gain of being listed in the Google 10-pack is phenomenal.

On to Part II – Getting Ready To Set Up Your Law Firms Google Local Business Listing.

I’ll show you how to do it….and how to increase the chances of your firm showing up almost every single time someone does a search for your practice specialty.

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