From Zero To Six Figures In Twelve Months

by admin on November 9, 2010

I received a call the other day. Haven’t had a call like it in years.

An attorney was on the other end of the phone. And after he introduced himself and we exchanged pleasantries, he said he wanted to…..

Thank me.

He had graduated from law school a couple of years ago, married a young lady from New Mexico, went to work for a large law firm in the upper Midwest for a short time… and then took the leap and opened his own shop.

He had no clients, was a year out of law school, with a mortgage and all the other fun stuff that life brings to us.

And then he said….

Because of me…. he was recently able to put a new roof on his home and he paid cash for it.

Because of me?

Yep – here’s why.

He downloaded my e-book, “Does Your Website Make This Mistakes” and my three-part series, ”
“Your Law Firm On The First Page Of Google In 2010 – For Free” – and just followed along as he built a very solid, and rewarding Internet presence.

In less than 12 months, he had hit six-figures. Two years out of law school – and he did this? All by himself? Freakin’ awesome. So what if I provided the guidance – he did it himself.

Honestly, he did have an advantage. He’s young and Internet savvy, so he gets all this Internet “stuff”.

The point is, this “stuff” works – and at the end of the day, it will significantly increase a law firms revenue, whether they do it themselves or hire someone smart to do it for them.

As his practice matures, he’ll likely discover that the real revenue comes from referrals. He’s a smart guy, he’ll figure it out…right JW?

I’m happy for him and grateful for his call – it made my year.

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