An iPhone App For Law Firms? Sure – Why Not

by admin on January 4, 2011

I’m not an Apple guy. I don’t own a Mac. I don’t own an iPhone. And I don’t own an iPod Touch or iPad.

But a heck of a lot people do – there are currently more than 100 million Apple mobile devices in use today and that number will only increase in the future.

Because of that, a large number of businesses are investing in apps that work on mobile devices – including law firms. And with the number of devices in use, having an app is close to being a “must have” for many law firms.

Large and medium size law firms might be able to afford custom designed apps but small firms and solos can’t afford expensive development costs.

So what does a small firm do if they want to have an affordable iPhone app?

You can enlist the help of business that offers a do-it-yourself platform for small business owners – where the business owner can create a mobile application in just a few simple steps.

One of my clients has partnered with one such company –

This client was very pleased with the the set-up process and final product. You can see their app at

And here’s another law firm that set up their own app – Law Offices of Aaron J. Stewart.

From my perspective, an app gives a law firm one significant advantage over their competition – ease of contact. Two taps on a screen and a potential client can call you, e-mail or even visit your website. And isn’t that what any business wants?

Biznessapps doesn’t charge a setup fee, and gives law firms control over the creation, editing and management of their very own iPhone app.

Available features include turn-by-turn GPS directions, sharing capabilities that integrate well with Facebook, Twitter and email clients, in-app messaging and push notifications, check-in and coupon capabilities, calendering options and more.

Bottom line, every iPhone app is custom-made for the law firm, submitted to the App Store and regularly updated with new features and improvements by the Bizness Apps team.

And this full-service offer is only $39 a month.

Should every law firm have an app? I really don’t think so.

But if your practice focuses on business law or consumer law such as PI, Divorce, Criminal or other consumer litigation matters, it’s certainly something you should consider, especially since the cost is so low.

And considering the “big picture” is something you should think about as well. How many potential clients will be using mobile devices – exclusively – to search for law firms or legal related information in 5 years? The number will be staggering. Why not get in on the ground floor now.

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