Setting Up A Facebook Fan Page For Your Law Firm

by admin on January 17, 2011

A number of my clients have a Facebook Fan Page (Business Page), as do many readers of this blog. But I’ve had a number of other clients and potential clients ask how to set up a Facebook Fan Page.

So I thought I’d put together a short video series on how to do it – and more importantly why.

Eds. Note:

My video software does not allow me to focus in on actual URL’s to help navigate this process so it’s difficult to see where to go.

So, here’s a bit of help after you’ve watched the videos.

  • For those that do not have a Facebook presence yet, you have to set up a personal Facebook page first – go to and sign up. Then proceed to the next bullet.
  • For those that have a Facebook account (or just signed up), log in and go here – then follow the sequences in the video to set up a Facebook Fan Page correctly.
  • For those of you that already have a Facebook Fan Page, you might want to give a quick view….I imagine you’ll see something you never thought about. Watch the the video series to see what you might have missed.

Part 1 – Setting Up A Fan Page For Your Law Firm:

Part 2 – How To Manage Your New Fan Page & Why Your Facebook Fan Page Title Is So Important

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