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by admin on March 29, 2011

For years, I’ve asked my clients to invest in Google Adwords because it is an effective way to leverage Google’s dominance for local search traffic. In fact, I have several clients that don’t care where their website shows up in natural search results.

They’ve relied solely on Google Adwords to generate traffic to their site – and with great content on their site, they do very, very well.

Others…..have not been as fortunate. Adwords can be a management nightmare for the DIYer – and a money pit for an extended period of time – before it begins to deliver new clients, even with professional help. So, many attorneys bail on the program prior to to their ad campaign gaining the traction it needs.

Google had to know this was a problem. And Google, as it normally does, addressed the issue small business was having with online advertising targeting local search.

Over the last 10 months, I’ve watched with interest as Google has rolled out two products to help small businesses that are trying to target local search.

The first product they rolled out was Google Tags – a yellow markers attached to your Place account that allows business owners to promote important aspects of their business.

The second product, Google Boost, is an absolute jaw-dropping product. Essentially, it is a Google Adwords campaign that is managed by Google – and tied to your Google Place account. And in my book, it is far, far superior to Google Adwords. I’ve put together a short video detailing these two programs just below…and how powerful it is.

But before you click on the video, here’s one more thing I have to point out – and it’s important.

I’ve been working in the Internet Marketing area for well over a decade, and the only time I’ve ever actually spoken to a Google employee when a client needed help, was when the client was spending well over six-figures on Google Adwords. And I’ve always been disappointed with Google’s customer service – and I’m not alone with that opinion.

With the introduction of Google Boost & Tags, that has changed. You can actually speak with a Google employee regarding these two products. They’ll guide you in setting up the products and answer any questions you have. Heck, they’ve even helped repair the Google Place account for some of my clients that had wrong data associated with it.

Click on the video and discover what Google Boost and Tags is all about – and how it can help your law firm. Then call the Rachel at 1-800-838-7971, ext. 23827. She’s the Google employee that manages this process for a large number of my law firm clients, and a large number of other law firms throughout the country.

To see a larger video, click here.

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